The Spirit of Learning®
Teacher Training Program

Next training begins in March of 2020

This 100-hour curriculum offers you a powerful opportunity to develop the core competencies of teaching in a whole-person learning model. Created by Carey Smith and presented by the Center for Embodied Teacher Education.

In The Spirit of Learning you will: develop a confident and embodied teaching presence that will result in more successful learning outcomes; be able to lead your students (or clients) to access their inner and outer resources to achieve their professional goals; and create ongoing experiences that sustain and enrich you as a teacher, therapist, coach or manager.

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SEL-standing-jo-vertSomatic Educational Leadership

Embodying Personal
and Professional Mastery

with Carey Smith, Master Somatic Coach
May 6-8 and June 3-5, 2019

This 6-day advanced training offers transformational theory and methods for therapists, teachers, coaches and managers. It features an in-depth exploration of somatic theory and practices that develop the following skills and capacities:

> How to live more enjoyably in our bodies
How to translate our own histories into a current story that produces more aliveness and openness
How to help our clients, students, colleagues or team members to access more of their own embodied wisdom to facilitate learning, healing and growth

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BTI’s Massage Therapy
Diploma Program

Is no longer enrolling new students

For 33 years, our entry-level training prepared people for successful massage therapy careers.

BTI graduates continue to serve the public by providing exceptional massage therapy in a wide variety of settings. These dedicated practitioners are highly sought-after for their clinical skill and therapeutic presence.


Continuing Education

We want to express our gratitude to all the teachers and students who have participated in continuing education at South Wind Farm.

After three decades of sponsoring a broad range of continuing education workshops and advanced training programs, our focus will be on teacher training and somatics in 2019.

We invite you to check back with our website or the BTI Facebook page to see what may be next!