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BTI is a massage school that offers programs of exceptional quality in a spectacular natural environment. Discover a place where you can realize your goals and dreams through an integrative approach to massage therapy based in mindfulness, compassion and somatic awareness. We invite you to join our diverse community of learners to explore the marvel of the human body and experience the potency of conscious touch for healing and transformation. Call us at 919-663-3111.

The Role of Nutrition in Body Function

April 26 with
Penny Jeffrey, PhD, LMBT

A one-day intro to the science of nutrition, including classes of nutrients, functions in body systems (especially neuromuscular and skeletal), and the process of digestion and absorption. Learning nutrition in a broader and deeper context offers a greater fundamental knowledge of how therapists can support their own health and well-being as well as provide client education.

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Sports and Performance Massage

April 30-May 2 with
Sara J. Clawson, MS, LMBT

This comprehensive introduction to Sports Massage will give you a detailed understanding of sport-specific assessment skills, strategies for treating for common athletic injuries, and the use of biomechanics principles to help athletes of all levels optimize their performance during training, competition, and the movements of everyday life.

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BTI Introductory Massage Workshop

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on May 3

In this enjoyable day-long workshop, you’ll learn effective massage techniques from our master teachers, and you’ll practice the optimal body mechanics and quality of touch exercises that allow BTI graduates to excel in their work. If you’re considering professional career training at BTI – or just want to gain great relaxation and stress reduction skills – sign up today!

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Our Campus at South Wind Farm

Come to a massage school in nature… where you’ll be in the midst of rolling meadows, ponds and lush forests filled with native wildlife. South Wind Farm is our beautiful country campus, located in the heart of the North Carolina Piedmont. Here, the spaciousness and tranquility provides an ideal setting for learning, healing and enjoyment.