The Spirit of Learning® Teacher Training Program


 The Spirit of Learning®

A Teacher Training Program
for Massage, Somatic & Healthcare Educators


Created by Carey Smith
Taught by Carol Verner, Karen Delahunty and Carey Smith


Next training begins in March of 2020
at South Wind Farm, Siler City, NC




spirit of learning classroomINTRODUCTION
The Spirit of Learning® provides a solid foundation in the core competencies required for effective teaching – while exploring the dynamic relationship between philosophy and methodology in an embodied learning environment. The program embraces and integrates the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the educational process.

Offered annually since 1998, The Spirit of Learning® has remained one of the only comprehensive teacher training programs designed for the touch therapy profession. Through an innovative curriculum, Carey and the Faculty of the Center for Embodied Teacher Education unite the passionate, life-giving nature of the spirit with the art and craft of teaching.

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This program consists of 100 contact hours presented in a series of five 3-day training sessions over a period of nine months. Each session includes: presentations on educational philosophy, teaching methods, somatic movement practices, observation and assessment exercises, group discussions, opportunities for quiet reflection in nature, and conversation among colleagues.

In The Spirit of Learning® you will: develop a confident and embodied teaching presence that will result in more successful learning outcomes; be able to lead your students to access their inner and outer resources to achieve their professional goals; and create ongoing experiences that sustain and enrich you as a teacher.

The program is grounded in universal archetypes and themes that facilitate greater self-awareness, compassion and understanding of the diversity of others. The specific teaching methods and professional strategies you will develop include:

  • Presentation skillsspirit of learning student faye
  • Managing classroom dynamics
  • Curriculum and lesson plan design
  • Communication skills and team building
  • Techniques for observation and assessment
  • Delivering feedback and evaluations
  • Addressing the needs of a diverse student population
  • Learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • Handling ethical challenges
  • Creating an inspiring learning environment


This program has a broad range of application in educational, clinical and business settings that deal with touch therapies. Those who have taken The Spirit of Learning® have included massage school and movement teachers, program directors and owners, continuing education presenters, healthcare educators and life coaches, — as well as therapists who want to bring more of an educational component to their clinical practices. The program is designed to accommodate participants with a broad range of professional experience.

Admission to this program is by application only. Enrollment is limited, so early application is advised.  Get immediate access to the program catalog and application form by completing the Request Form on the right side of this page. Note that you can view the catalog online, or download a PDF version to your desktop or device for later viewing.

Tuition for The Spirit of Learning® is $2500. A $25 fee is paid along with the submission of your application, and a $200 tuition deposit is required once you are accepted into the program. Affordable installment payment plans are available.

Applications are now being accepted for the next program, which will begin in March 2020, and complete in November 2020. The training calendar is being shifted for this upcoming program.
The five sessions will be held on dates to be announced.

A diploma will be awarded by BTI and the Center for Embodied Teacher Education to those who attend all class sessions and complete all required work, both in and outside the classroom. While national standards are still being developed for teacher education, many state regulatory boards and accrediting commissions require that instructors in massage schools have been trained to teach. This diploma will demonstrate that you have met those requirements.

FACULTY (refer to the catalog for complete bios)

  • Carey Smith created The Spirit of Learning® in 1998 and is the founder and director of the Center for Embodied Teacher Education. She is co-director of the Body Therapy Institute and is regarded as one of the leaders and pioneers in teacher training for our profession.
  • Carol Verner is a trainer for the Center, was Lead Instructor at BTI for Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology & Pathology for 23 years, and has achieved the designation Master Somatic Coach from Strozzi Institute.
  • Karen Delahunty is a trainer for the Center, was a Lead Instructor at BTI for Therapist Self-Development, as well as Hydrotherapy & Spa Modalities for 12 years, and has achieved the designation Certified Somatic Coach from Strozzi Institute.

Here are quotes from people who have graduated from The Spirit of Learning:

The Spirit of Learning helped me remember why I teach, and what it is that I have to share. I have remembered how much fun it is to be challenged by students, and to have the freedom for us to learn together in the classroom. Thank you for helping me to rediscover my creativity and my passion for teaching.
Sheila Cook, Massage Therapy Educator
Birmingham, Alabama

The program was and continues to be a source of inspiration and support. What had been formless and unexpressed in my teaching came alive with words and action. The practical skills alone would have been enough, but The Spirit of Learning supported an inward journey that brings greater truth, skill and meaning to my life and work.
Niko Preusse, Co-director & Lead Instructor, Touchstone Healing Arts School
South Burlington, Vermont

The program has broadened the teaching experience for me, and helped me to see things in my students that I was missing before. I took The Spirit of Learning because of problems I was having in the classroom. It helped me solve those, but more, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of teaching as a true calling. If you take the craft of teaching seriously, this is a course you should take.
Eric Munn, Program Director and Lead Instructor at Berdan Institute
Totowa, New Jersey

As a result of the program, I am a different person… a much better teacher, a better listener, and more open to differences in people and their styles of learning. The Spirit of Learning did more to shape who I am in my professional roles than any other class since I graduated from massage school.
Daisy C. Millett, Educator, Therapist, Past Chair – NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Ocala, Florida

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the free catalog and application for The Spirit of Learning®