“As I have talked with people about my time at BTI, I have consistently stated that it was the best educational experience I have ever had. In addition to my own college studies in theology, divinity and counseling, I have worked at universities for the past 15 years. But none of those programs compare to the healthy, nurturing, transforming educational experience I had at BTI.

BTI is a place where the values of kindness, authenticity, respect and nurturing are practiced. The structure of the classes, the professional relationships that instructors have with students, the process of integration, and the beauty of the campus converge to create a safe place for true education to take place. There is a purposeful and healing rhythm of work, reflection, integration and rest.”

– Beth Hoagland, LMBT | Greensboro, NC


“Since graduating from BTI, my life has been forever changed. I knew I would enjoy being a massage therapist — but I had no idea that I would love it so much. It is a joy to go to work and touch so many lives.

The time I spent at BTI taught me to be a really good massage therapist, with the training in anatomy and physiology, hands-on techniques, ethics… but more, I learned to be a better person. I want to thank all the staff and faculty for sharing your knowledge and your hearts.”

– Tamara “Tag” Woods, LMBT | Winston-Salem, NC


“I am amazed at the response I get from clients about the quality of my massage therapy. Working at the Duke University Center for Living, I deal with a diverse clientele, some with very complex somatic problems. I feel very prepared to do the work, and regularly think back to the BTI curriculum for guidance.”

– Karen O’Neal, MS, LPC, LMBT | Bahama, NC


“For me, BTI was, and is, about transforming the way I relate to the world. Of course I learned great skills and techniques for using touch in a healing way — and I am a great massage therapist because of the training. But my relationship with my friends, my family, my writing, my body, my environment, even my career as an attorney committed to the transformation of the legal system — the very stuff that makes my heart sing — that’s what became possible for me through BTI.”

– Kevin Ginsburg, JD, LMBT | Durham, NC


“BTI gave me an invaluable foundation of knowledge and tools from which to build my practice. Equally important, BTI gave me incredible confidence, even as a new massage therapist entering the world of bodywork. Even before graduating from BTI, I felt comfortable with my ability to do not just satisfactory work, but exceptional work.

BTI holds a special place in my life for all it has taught me, not only about massage therapy, but about myself. To me, BTI means deep and powerful learning, openness, peace, connection, confidence, and friendship. BTI changed my life, and it inevitably changes the lives of all who walk through its inviting doors.”

– Allyn Sharp, LMBT | Carrboro, NC


“My experience at BTI was tremendous! I especially appreciated the school’s philosophy of treating the whole person. Not only did the curriculum teach us how to address our clients as whole people, but throughout the entire educational process we as students were treated in the same way. That made all the difference to me.”

– Marika Wendelken, LMBT | Durham, NC

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“At BTI I gained the professional skills to provide effective massage therapy, along with a much greater insight into life in general. All of this provided in a wonderfully accepting and nurturing atmosphere. Many things I learned at BTI I am using, not only in my massage practice, but also in other aspects of my life. Becoming aware of my learning style was such a revelation and helps me learn more efficiently today. Thanks for helping me to look at myself in a different way and to appreciate and accept my uniqueness.There are times when I NEED to go back to South Wind Farm to regroup and escape from the whirlwind of daily life! It is such a wonderful place to be and to learn.”
– Betty Donaldson, RN, LMBT | Raleigh, NC 


“I can not praise BTI enough for all the kindness, love, and respect I received, and for the quality of your faculty and staff. The professionalism and authenticity of my instructors was new and wonderful for me. I have attended many schools around the world and BTI is the best! My personal transformation while at BTI has prepared me to work confidently and profitably in an industry that I could not have otherwise prepared for.”

– Dan McLaughlin, LMBT | Raleigh, NC


“Massage therapists have the potential to awaken a client’s relationship with their own physical landscape. I cannot imagine a more beautiful or appropriate setting than South Wind Farm to embark upon the journey of acquiring the skills and knowledge to become a conduit for healing touch.”

– Darcy Tyrrell, LMBT | Durham, NC


“My experience of learning a completely new skill during my year at BTI showed me the true meaning of community for the first time. I found myself consistently in an environment of safety, in which I was inspired to transform my perspective of myself and my life as a healing arts professional.

I have emerged with an education emphasizing technical excellence, compassion for myself and others, and confidence in my ability to facilitate healing for clients. Thanks to my excellent training, I’m making money, I’m helping people, and having a good time doing it.”

– Amy Elinoff, LMBT | Chapel Hill, NC


“It is very rare to encounter an institution with such integrity and authenticity. My experience with the faculty and staff of BTI was transformational — and it still is transforming me. The faculty embodied what they taught. Each of them helped me see who I could be, and in that teaching, I graduated a better, more integrated human being and a rather successful massage therapist as well.

The program is designed to teach each student a strong foundation in the hands-on work, the business aspect and the self-care necessary to have a fulfilling career in massage. There is an integrative thread that runs through each course of study, the beautiful and tranquil land on which the school resides, and through the relationships formed during one’s time there.

It is true that one gets what one pays for in this culture. In light of this, I’d have to say that the best investment of my money, time, energy and heart has been in my experience at the Body Therapy Institute.”

– Deborah Lynn, M.Div., LMT | Nashville, TN<


“In all my years of education, I have never been so well-taught as here at BTI. The curriculum and teaching methods are clearly designed, and they definitely allow a wide variety of learners to absorb, retain and utilize new information in a short period of time.”

– Susan Ehrlich, MD, LMBT | Greenville, NC<


“As a whole, the Diploma Program at BTI illustrates that professionalism in massage therapy must consist of personal integrity, authenticity, respect and responsibility — in addition to a higher knowledge and understanding of the human body.”

– Megan Olson, LMBT | Fuquay-Varina, NC



“I chose BTI for its program content, location, and professionalism of the staff. While I had shopped other local schools, no other school welcomed me like BTI. The Admissions Director told me early on that my experience at BTI would be a ‘life changing experience.’ I was looking forward to that as I had come to BTI very stressed and looking for a better way of life in addition to training for a career in massage therapy.

Now that I have my own private practice, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the wonderful training I received in preparation for my new profession. I realize how valuable and how much quality went into developing the curriculum, and I feel completely comfortable in going forward. My learning experience was indeed life changing for me. I appreciate the respectful and non-threatening environment at BTI and am thankful for what I received. BTI stands out amongst all the rest!”

– Gail Russo, LMBT | Cary, NC


“The school’s emphasis on Unconditional Positive Regard was a great gift to me, as I was coming from a long period of caretaking for my elderly parents before attending massage school. I found BTI to be a place of comfort, encouragement, and peace. Most of all, it is an ‘Institute of Love,’ a quality which, according to the Bible, is the greatest gift of all.”

– Wayne Dunn, PhD, LPC, LMBT | Lexington, NC


“As a registered nurse interested in holistic health care, I sought massage therapy education to expand my professional horizons. My experience at BTI provided that, and also transformed me as a person. I am very successful in both my professions as a result.”

– Maggie Hancock, RN, LMBT | Jamestown, NC


“I absolutely treasure my experience as a student at BTI. One of the most valuable aspects of the program is the attention given to each student and to individual learning styles. My teachers were able to create an atmosphere that both encouraged and excited me to learn.

When prospective clients ask me where I got my training in massage, I’m proud to tell them I studied at the Body Therapy Institute. BTI is a recognized name in professional massage training and has earned the respect of both healthcare professionals and the public.”

– Cindy Rubel, LMBT | Pittsboro, NC


“I suspected I’d undergo a transformation at BTI, and came prepared to do so, but — inevitably — without understanding the somatic awareness and the sense of embodiment that experience would bring me. The authenticity, kindness, compassion and professionalism at BTI distinguish it so thoroughly from other massage therapy schools that one would hardly recognize them as professing the same discipline.”

– Peter Lynch, PhD, LMT | Chapel Hill, NC


“As a cancer survivor and beginning marathoner, BTI has given me the skills and knowledge that not only helps me in my massage profession, but also helps me in training for the next race and for everyday living. The school is challenging and rewarding, with a relaxing atmosphere that creates a great place to learn. BTI helped me get in touch with my mind, body and spirit.”

– Karen Robins, LMBT | Winston-Salem, NC


“How do you put in to words the achievement of a dream? During my year at BTI, I learned about self-care, how to look into myself for strength and how to allow the healing energy of others help me. The benefits of grounding, centering and unconditional positive regard — all core teachings at BTI — go much further than simply creating the basis for a great massage. The beliefs go further to being core components to a strong and fulfilling life.

I have taken these attributes and integrated them into both my personal and professional life. They are within me to call upon and utilize to make me a better person.”

– Brenden O’Hara, R.Ph., LMBT | Durham, NC


“Just as every plant in the South Wind Farm gardens was carefully considered and placed with love, the teachings at BTI were selected and arranged from the knowledge of many gifted people and lovingly placed in each student’s heart. The joy and respect for massage conveyed by each staff member at BTI is with me every day, with every client I see, through good days and challenging ones. It was the best choice for me, and I hope you will join them for the experience that is BTI.”

– Pamela Hale-Dickerson, LMBT | Hillsborough, NC

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