The Most Common Neck and Back Injuries

Strategies for Assessment and Treatment

with Ben Benjamin, PhD, LMT

October 3-5, 2014 | Friday-Sunday, 9:30am-5:00pm | 18 CE contact hours | $395


This comprehensive workshop will teach you how to effectively assess and treat the most commonly injured structures in the neck and back. You’ll learn how to differentiate muscle, ligament, and disc injuries, and you’ll fine-tune your palpation skills and hands-on treatment techniques. The workshop provides ample time to develop all the skills you need to address a wide range of complaints.

benjamin_handsDr. Benjamin will share his integrative approach with these major components:

  • Anatomy: View and palpate the relevant musculoskeletal structures
  • Assessment: Practice musculoskeletal assessment tests and palpation of injured structures
  • Theory: Learn how to use the history, positive assessment test findings, and results of palpation to determine which structures are injured
  • Integration: After you’ve learned the theoretical background and assessment procedures, we integrate this knowledge through hands-on learning games
  • Technique: Discuss, practice, and review detailed treatment techniques to eliminate adhesive scar tissue


This workshop is designed for massage and bodywork therapists who want to increase their expertise and success rate in working with clients who suffer from muculoskeletal injuries. You will learn how to find the exact source of a client’s pain and provide targeted treatments. The workshop will give you the knowledge and understanding to make you a more effective practitioner.

benjamin_benBen E. Benjamin has dedicated his life to helping people cope with and overcome the pain and stress caused by injury to the body. His therapeutic techniques help reduce and eliminate pain produced by adhesive scar tissue formed from soft tissue injury.

In sports medicine/muscular therapy private practice since 1963, Dr. Benjamin is the founder and former President of the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA. As an educator and author, he has conducted seminars and workshops across the country, served as an instructor and trainer in a variety of settings, and written several books and countless articles. His books include: Listen to Your Pain: The Active Person’s Guide to Understanding, Identifying, and Treating Pain and Injury; Are You Tense?: The Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy; Exercise Without Injury.

His professional training and education spans more than three decades. He earned a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine and Education at Union Graduate School; a Bachelor of Professional Sciences at Empire State College; and studied assessment techniques in Orthopedic Medicine with the well-known British Physician, James Cyriax, M.D. He is a 2010 inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

Dr. Benjamin continues with his mission to offer his innovative therapy techniques to help enhance the quality of life for as many people as possible – to help people not simply manage their pain, but to be freed from it. Click here to learn about online webinars from the Benjamin Institute.


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