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Methods for Assessment and Treatment

Anatomy Trains in Structure and FunctionCarrie Gaynor, RN, BCSI28
Sports and Performance Massage Certification Program (3-part series)Sara Clawson Pearse, MS, LMBT21 (each)
Clinical Massage Strategies (3-part series)Sarah DeBerardinis, LMBT
and Beverly Johnson, LMBT
14 (each)
Lymph Massage: Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies
Understanding Lymphadema: Working with the lymphatic system
after cancer treatment
Juul Bruin, MA, RN, LMBT21 (each)
Neural Reset Therapy® – Upper and Lower Body classesRalph Stephens, Lawrence Woods & Allyson Hopkins16 (each)
Incorporating Therapeutic Stretching with your Massage ClientsBeverly Johnson, LMBT12

Specialized Approaches

Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy: Working Heart to HeartMichael J. Shea, PhD, LMT21
Traditional Thai Massage (3-part series)Bob Haddad, RTT21 (each)
Mindfulness Professional Training:
Cultivating Inner Stillness in a Chaotic World
Tracey Moon, LMBT &
Sharon Nash, MA
Advanced Integrative Reflexology®: Putting it all TogetherClaire Marie Miller, LMBT14
Therapeutic Applications for Castor Oil in MassageClaire Marie Miller, LMBT7
Somatic Ecology: Healing the Body – Tending the EarthCarey Smith, MSC14
Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral TherapyCarol Verner, RCST, LMBT14
The Intersection of Yoga and Massage TherapyCarol Verner, RYT, LMBT7
Optimal Body Mechanics with The Way of Ease®Rick Rosen, MA, LMBT7
The Rhythmic Element in Massage & Bodywork TherapyRick Rosen, MA, LMBT7
An Introduction to Sound HealingKevin Powell, MS, LMBT14
Advanced Sound HealingKevin Powell, MS, LMBT14
Cornerstones of Nutrition: a 4-part seriesPenny Jeffrey, PhD, LMBT3 (each)

Professional Ethics; Communication Skills;
Management of the Client/Therapist Relationship

NOTE: all courses in this group meet the ethics education requirement for license renewals with the NC Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy, as well as recertification with NCBTMB
Introduction to the Hakomi Method:
Mindfulness, Loving Presence and Embodiment
Julia Corley, LMBT14
Integrative Intuitive HealingCathy Edwards, MS, LMBT14
Compassionate Bodywork with Death and DyingCathy Edwards, MS, LMBT14
Conflict Resolution SkillsJeanne Van Gemert, MA, LMBT7
Mind-Body Massage: Exploring Psychophysical Assessment & TreatmentRick Rosen, MA, LMBT14
Exploring Body Image: Client and Therapist PerspectivesFiona Holland, Ed.D7
Sex, Touch & Intimacy (an ethics workshop)Beverly Johnson, LMBT4
Navigating Confidentiality & Privacy in the Therapeutic RelationshipBeverly Johnson, LMBT4
Advanced Topics in Ethics: Personal Authenticity & Ethical DilemmasKevin Powell, MS, LMBT6

Teacher Training with the Center for Embodied Teacher Education

The Spirit of Learning®:
Teacher Certification Program for Massage, Somatic & Healthcare Educators
Carey Smith, Carol Verner
& Karen Delahunty
Somatic Educational Leadership: Embodying Personal and Professional MasteryCarey Smith, MSC42


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