Workshop Registration Confirmation

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You will receive confirmation of your registration from BTI by email. This will include the date and time of the workshop, along with Guidelines for Workshop Participants, which is essential for you to read before attending your class at BTI. You’ll also receive an Accommodations List for area lodging.

Click here for a set of Driving Directions to BTI and South Wind Farm.

If you do not receive this confirmation within five business days of submitting your online registration, please contact BTI.
Your registration is not complete until you receive this confirmation.

From time to time, a workshop may already be full when your online registration is processed at the BTI Office. In that case, you will be informed that the workshop is fully enrolled, and have the opportunity to place your name on a waiting list. Your credit card will not be charged until a space opens up, and you agree to register.

For BTI Graduates, your regular 10% discount will automatically be applied when your registration is processed.

If you have questions, email us at or call 919-663-3111.