Welcome to the New BTI Website!

July 22nd, 2009

We’re thrilled to announce the premiere of “Version 2.0” of the BTI Website! It’s been redesigned from the ground up to make your online experience with us easier, richer and more inspiring. Our original site went live four years ago, and it’s amazing how much has changed on the Internet since then. Here’s an introduction to our new site:

All inside pages have a navigation bar on the left-hand side that will take you anywhere you want to go within the site. You’ll also find a set of nav links in the footer of each page.

The home page of massage.net now has links that will allow you to access most of the interior pages with just one click. The site has four main sections that hold much of the content:

  • The Programs section includes all the educational programs offered at BTI, from the Massage Therapy Diploma Program through continuing education workshops and advanced trainings.
  • About BTI gives you all the info on this very unique institution, including the school’s history and professional recognitions. There are also videos contained in this section.
  • The People section introduces you to the wonderful staff, faculty, students and alumni who carry out BTI’s mission on a daily basis. On the Testimonials page, our grads share how the BTI experience has changed their lives.
  • Our beautiful campus is featured in the South Wind Farm section. Here, you’ll find driving directions to our location, a new Field Guide that offers an overview of our geography, flora and fauna, and a new Slide Show viewer with several albums of inspiring photographs.

There are a host of new features on Massage.net:

  • We now have a Frequently Asked Questions page; just click the question to reveal the answer.
  • You’ll find a treasure-trove of information on the healing arts by visiting the Articles page. We’re leading this off with 32 different articles contributed by 12 different authors, all available for free downloading.
  • The BTI Blog will contain ongoing news about the school and its programs, perspectives on the massage therapy profession, and ongoing posts with photos, art work and poetry.
  • The Alumni Resources section contains two components that will serve the needs of our graduates: the BTI Resource Bank contains a live searchable database of job opportunities, treatment spaces for rent and more; the Alumni Forum is a bulletin board for members of the BTI Community. While this area is password-protected, the public can post listings to the Resource Bank at any time.

Finally (for those techies out there), the entire site has been re-coded to current web standards for quicker page loading and smoother functionality. We want to thank our partners that helped us in the development of this project, including Blast Internet (site construction and coding), NetFriends (database design), and Contactology (search engine optimization).

If you have feedback about the new site, or have any problems with its use, please send it to webmaster@massage.net.