Carey Smith Receives National Teacher of the Year Award

September 30th, 2009

At the American Massage Therapy Association Convention in Orlando, Florida on September 25th, BTI Co-director Carey Smith received the 2009 Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year Award. Given by the AMTA Council of Schools, this honor is bestowed on the instructor who demonstrates exceptional teaching abilities and commitment to high standards of education in massage therapy.

Here are some of the descriptions of the contributions Carey has made, from fellow educators who offered testimony to the award committee:

  • I have watched with great admiration as she has helped to shape the field of massage therapy education for students and teachers alike. Among her most significant contributions is the establishment of The Spirit of Learning, a teacher training program which has set a standard for our entire profession.
    George Kousaleos, LMT, Founder & Director, Core Institute
  • Carey challenges students in a way that encourages exploration. She inspires her students to reach their highest potential. And her work helps hold instructors of this profession to a higher standard.
    Paula Jilanis, LMT, Director, Allegany College Massage Program
  • Carey’s educational expertise is exceptional and her presence is life-changing.
    Margaret Montenyohl, PhD, LMBT

Carey received her award at the Convention’s annual Teacher’s Networking Lunch. In her acceptance speech, entitled The Three Rivers of Teaching, Carey put forth these essential questions: “What is my teaching lineage?” … “Where do I stand at this moment in my own evolution?” … “What are the teaching seeds that I am planting for future generations?”

Carey Smith (left) receives the Teacher of the Year Award from AMTA President Judy Stahl

Carey Smith (left) receives the 2009 National Teacher of the Year Award from AMTA President Judy Stahl

She spoke to these questions when she acknowledged, “We come from a vast, deep and long tradition. There is profound dignity in the teaching profession when it is understood as a living transmission. Teachers literally broadcast their knowledge, experience, passion, commitment and dedication to the next generation of learners so that these students can carry forward their own expression of what is meaningful to them.”

BTI’s staff and faculty are extremely proud of Carey for the achievement of this honor. A copy of Carey’s speech may be downloaded from the Articles section of the BTI Website.