Recent BTI Grad Wins $1000 National Award

Kelly Berry, a graduate of Class 66 in the Massage Therapy Diploma Program at the Body Therapy Institute, was recently named as one of eight winners of the national Successful Hands Grant Program. This competition was sponsored by industry leaders Biofreeze, Massage Envy and Bon Vital, and conveys a $1000 grant to each winner, as well as a $1000 grant to the schools they attended.

berry_kellyStudents were asked to complete a 200-word essay on:
What success as a massage therapist means to me

Here is Kelly’s winning response:

“My answer to the question of what success as a massage therapist means to me now, two weeks away from graduation day, is different than the response I would have given if the same question were prompted a year ago. I entered into my massage therapy curriculum thinking that professional success meant making a living through the utilization of developed techniques designed to reduce tension, pain, and stress in clients’ bodies. My desire was to work in a helping realm and enable others to enjoy the somatic benefits of bodywork that I had previously enjoyed as a massage therapy client. I have learned along the journey that success is not only measured by that piece, but so much more. I now realize that real success in this field also involves cultivated self-awareness, an intention for the work we do, immense gratitude for that work, and the ability to hold unconditional positive regard for both ourselves and the unique individuals we touch. Success begins with self-care, and is fully achieved when we can work with our clients in an effort to support optimal balance and alignment in their lives as well as our own.”

Kelly let us know that she just passed her MBLEx exam and is on track to get her NC license. She said, “I have spoken with several employers in the Raleigh area and would like to work in an upscale, spa-type environment. I’m looking forward to getting lots of hands-on experience and an opportunity to network with other local therapists. My intention is to go into this work with an open mind and heart in regard to my future career goals in the field, which may shift later. I know that I will learn so much more along the way and I am so happy and grateful right now for all of this. I also miss BTI and the staff very much as I move forward. My education at BTI was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had and it will serve as an important and essential piece for the life I have discovered I want to build for myself. I will be returning for continuing education in the near future.”

We’re extremely proud of Kelly and her accomplishments to date, and will look forward to hearing about her success as her new career unfolds.